Facilities TorIX is Located

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151 Front Street West, Toronto

Core Node locations:
Cologix (Standard Connections) and Equinix TR1

Edge Node locations:
Neutral Data Centres (Suite 800/808)
Frontier Networks (Suite 824)

From everywhere else within 151 Front St. West:
via the Building Meet-Me-Rooms (BMMR) to either Core Node (Cologix or Equinix TR1)

45 Parliament Street, Toronto

Core Node location:
Equinix TR2

905 King Street, Toronto

Edge Node location:
via the Building Meet-Me-Room (BMMR) to our Edge Node

Email our peering team to find out more!

Organizations can arrange colocation for their equipment with one of the many companies operating at 151 Front Street West or 905 King Street West, or Equinix at 45 Parliament Street.  We can help you identify some of these organizations.

Alternatively, you may use long-haul Ethernet transport through a third-party provider capable of physically connecting to the Exchange.

If you are not at any of the above sites, and it is not possible or economical to connect to the IX over a third-party transport provider WAN link, let us know where you are located. We are always interested to know where potential peers can be found, and if there is sufficient density at that location, we may be able to make the case to establish a presence there. E-mail our Peering team with the details.