Stratum 1 NTP Cluster

TorIX hosts a stratum 1 NTP cluster which is globally reachable and handles 500,000 queries per minute, mostly from within North America.  Our servers are reachable at using IPv4 or IPv6 and we are listed as part of NTP Pool Project.  We run multiple separate time sources for redundancy. ( or 2602:fde5:2a::11) ( or 2602:fde5:2a::12) ( or 2602:fde5:2a::13)

You are free to use our NTP servers if you wish.  We recommend you use hostnames, if possible, rather than hard-coding the IPv4 or IPV6 addresses.  The hostname will return one of the above IP addresses in a round-robin fashion and this is the preferred hostname to use if you only wish to configure one entry.

AS112 Project

We run an AS112 Project node to help reduce the load on the global domain name system.


We participate in the NLNOG RING which is exclusive to network operators and allows them to trouble-shoot and debug network issues across the world.