Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. It allows a direct hand off of traffic between each other’s customers.

Connection Pricing

In order for the Internet to work in the manner we are all used to, individual carriers, ISPs, content delivery, production networks and network operators need to exchange data by granting others access to their networks. That access is either agreed to on a payment basis – for transit/upstream – or on a cost neutral basis, otherwise known as peering.

At TorIX, our peers consist of a broad range of enterprise organizations, government and educational institutions. Most organizations with an Autonomous System Number (ASN) can connect to the exchange through our interconnect locations.  Learn more about the requirements of “Getting Connected”.

Benefits of connecting to TorIX

Better User Experience

Whether your core business involves cloud access, real time streaming like VoIP, video or gaming, financial transactions or other latency sensitive applications, lower latency and shorter network distances offered by an exchange assure better user experiences and keep your customers happy.

Localized Traffic

As the global landscape changes, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to keep internet traffic local. With recent events that effect consumer privacy, keeping your data local has become a hot topic.  When joining the exchange your traffic is more likely to avoid border crossing and stay “local”.  

Cost Savings

Connecting to the exchange can significantly reduce the cost per-megabit of transit on your network. Given the wide variety of content distribution networks at TorIX, peers see their traffic route through the exchange rather than their transit links.  Due to  low per-port costs at TorIX, peers can select a higher port-speed to handle bursts of traffic, without incurring unexpected financial or performance costs which do occur with paid transit. 

Ports Offered

10 GE
25 GE
100 GE
400 GE
Single mode Fibre & LR Optics

Interconnect Locations

  • Current
  • In Progress
  • Potential

151 Front Street West, Toronto

Core Node locations:
Cologix (Standard Connections) and Equinix TR1

Edge Node locations:
Neutral Data Centres (Suite 800/808)

Frontier Networks (Suite 824)

Coloware (Suite 504)

From everywhere else within 151 Front St. West:
via the Building Meet-Me-Rooms (BMMR) to either Core Node (Cologix or Equinix TR1)

45 Parliament Street, Toronto

Core Node location:
Equinix TR2

905 King Street, Toronto

Edge Node location:
via the Building Meet-Me-Room (BMMR) to our Edge Node

Email our peering team to see if you can connect.

Organizations can arrange colocation for their equipment with one of the many companies operating at 151 Front Street West or 905 King Street West, or Equinix at 45 Parliament Street.  We can help you identify some of these organizations.

Alternatively, you may use long-haul Ethernet transport through a third-party provider capable of physically connecting to the Exchange.

If you are not at any of the above sites, and it is not possible or economical to connect to the IX over a third-party transport provider WAN link, let us know where you are located. We are always interested to know where potential peers can be found, and if there is sufficient density at that location, we may be able to make the case to establish a presence there. E-mail our Peering team with the details.

Connection Pricing (2024)

10 GE Port sub-rate

from $750year
  • $500 one time set-up fee/port

10 GE Port

from $2,000year
  • from $500 one time set-up fee/port

25 GE Port

from $5,000year
  • from $500 one time set-up fee/port

100 GE Port 30G sub-rate

  • $500 one time set-up fee/port

100 GE Port

from $15,000year
  • $500 one time set-up fee/port

400 GE Port

from $35,000year
  • $500 one time set-up fee/port

B Feed Port Add-On

from $750per year
  • from $500 one time set-up fee/port

There are many variations of port set-ups. Costs vary depending on the complexity, number of ports and data transfer rates.
Cross connect fees may apply.  See detailed pricing.