Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) is the leading Canadian Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and one of the largest in the world.

Our organizational philosophies and ambitions result in constant growth and improvement in our services,  providing access to the most attractive peers at the lowest cost.

TorIX was started from a need in the technical community to keep local data traffic local. When Canadian traffic flowed through the United States, the latency and costs associated with this model needed improvement. A group of experts from different organizations came together to create Toronto’s first not for profit internet exchange, TorIX.

With over 250 organizations connected, TorIX peers have access to direct routes from many diverse peering partners. Using TorIX allows for reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance.

As a not-for-profit organization, we focus on investing our service into our infrastructure so our technology is up to date and we remain at the forefront of the IXP industry. By doing so, we can confidently provide our peers with improved network performance, low latency and reduced costs.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the TorIX membership, for two year terms. Elections occur annually, with one-half of the Board up for election while the other half remains in place. 

Current Board Members

  • Kevin Blumberg
  • Byron Holland


  • Stephen Fulton
  • Sameer Khosla
  • Andrea Mills
  • Jon Nistor
  • Amy Potter
  • Scott Silzer

Former Board Members

Joe Abley, Paul Andersen, Gabe Blanchard, Bill Campbell, Blake Crosby, Kris Foster, Gary Giesen, Martin Hannigan, Sameer Khosla, Jason Lixfeld, Ben Lucier, Christian Malo, Vince Mammoliti, Jim Mercer, Bill Sandiford, Steven Schecter, Paul Stewart , Christian Tacit, Christian Koch, Brad Bopp

Operations & Administration

TorIX day-to-day operations and administrative requirements are handled by a small volunteer group of experienced industry professionals. The Operations team develops the architecture and maintains the technical integrity of the Exchange, as well as handling peer inquiries and activations.

The Operations Team

  • Jon Nistor
  • Scott Silzer
  • Stephen Fulton